Lets go back in time……Flight Day

It’s about 7.30am, just about awake enough to start thinking about packing. Go Pro check, Camera check, laptop check, tablets check, chargers check, pants check.  Cool that’s my packing done. I’m starting to feel a bit smug with myself now, Lee hasn’t even started to pack all our clothes yet and I’m already finished.

I’m ordered out the house to go and get the Macky D’s Breakfast, you see Lee thought it would be a good idea to have a works leaving do the night before we fly out.  To be fair she’s looking in good shape, though she wasn’t the one awake all night listening to impressions of Miss Piggy.

Sat on the plane looking at betfair.com  I can see the other half looking over with a disapproving shake of the head.  How the hell did she know I was on Betfair– think the old geezer sat next to me has shopped me in.  Probably cos I should have turned on flight mode about 20 minutes ago and he’s worried the plane might drop out of the sky when I press the cash out button.  I keep hearing an annoying voice in the distance, “something about a car”  I put on my noise cancelling headphones just to drown it out.

Arrived in Sicily.  I jump on my phone to get the deal of the century for hire cars, only it seems there are no automatic cars left…I can hear Lee shouting at me through her eyes. It’s deafening, I can no longer hear myself think anything other than “oh f##k”.

We enquire at one rental desk.  With the insurance it costs about the same as a 3 bed house back in Reading.  Without insurance I have to leave about 19 credit cards and one of my kids to cover the excess.   I ponder the option but decide on taking a taxi.

The Taxi driver is talking about Malta for some reason….Well until Lee points out he’s asking where in Motta do we need to go…I’m gonna have issues with the language me thinks. Taxi fare costs about the same as a 3 bed house back in Reading.

Arrived at Norman Bates Hotel. The taxi driver never knew there was a hotel here in all the years he’s been driving.  Hoping to make it to the morning alive.  To be fair it seems ok once we get to the room.  Got up for breakfast.  Unsure if what’s on show is plastic or real. Checked out and walked to our new apartment with luggage in tow.  Nothing better than lugging 50 kilos of pants up hill in 30 degree heat.

Our new apartment is really nice, (and clean), better than our house back home.  Its magnolia, I say goodbye to  the deposit, Kids are gonna wreck this place.   I’m replaying “You talking to me” in my head as Robert De Nero shows us around.

Pick up car from the airport – Rental guy tries to scam me for extra insurance.  Didn’t fall for it.  Checked car over, looks good.  Drive down motorway, seems the bumper is trying to escape. Closer inspection shows its held on by bluetack.  Dam Rental guy has got me MOFO!  Note to buy some araldite before returning the car.

Impressed with Lee’s driving, seems to fit in well in Sicily. It appears that Stop, Give Way and Speed Limit signs are for decoration.  There are more potholes than actual tarmac.

Food has been good, had pasta, pasta and pasta.  It’s the only Italian word I know.   Anyway just off for a 45 mile jog whilst I run off the carbs.



It takes two to blog in Sicily.

As you’re all aware, I have entitled my blog A Large Move to Sicily because my family and I have recently relocated to Sicily. Whilst in bed last night communicating (it’s not quite 7 days yet if you know what I mean) with Dave we came up with an interesting idea.

Moving forward Dave and I are going to take it in turns to write this blog. This way you get to have a “His and Hers” perspective of our move. We’ll disagree a lot probably but please rest assured mine will be right.

I have to admit I did get very excited. (Still not 7 days, calm down!) You see as much as I know I’m hilarious, Dave has a tendency to be as funny as Kieran Poolman on an ice skating rink which let me tell you is very funny. (Imagine a donkey on an ice rink with each leg flailing in different directions).

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard enough of me now so I shall be letting His Largeness take control of the next blog and see what he can come up with. Apparently he’s already been thinking of ideas and writing notes.

Ciao for now peeps and over to you Dave. Well when he’s home.


Monday Sicilian style

As I write this, there has been the terrible atrocity on Las Vegas, my heart and thoughts go out to anyone involved in one way or another. 😦

For us Larges it is day something or other and what could be deemed as our first day of normality.

I say normality when we’re involved, normality needs to be interpreted as you see fit.

After I showered in Bubble bath and sprayed Vag freshner on my arm pits (seems I made a bit of a translation error), Dave got driven to work safely by myself and never once lost his breath.

I have decided that despite my previously stating that I could never be an aggressive driver, turns out my style of driving is distinctly Sicilian and suits me.

It seems the speed limit boards are actually displaying the minimum speed limit as I don’t think I’ve seen anyone stick to them. You drive on which ever side of the road you fancy whenever the need takes you. And you can change course at a minutes notice if you so choose. I tried it a couple of times and it worked out perfectly.

The boys and I have ventured into 3 shops. In each someone has tried to talk to me. I had the usually frozen rabbit in headlights stare for each occasion and other than the last one coped very well.

Store one – a little old lady who in a previous life was 7 foot doesn’t like that now she’s knee high to Yoda and can’t reach her bread. The Raptors had their faces squished in all directions as of she was kneading 10 year old bread dough. Or according to Benji “I feel like I’ve just had my face scratched by a cat”.

Store two – which handle did I need to go into my broom head? Turns out that unlike the UK you can’t buy said broom head with said handle together, no it has to be separate to cause maximum confusion.

Store 3 – All went really well right up until the checkout. Apparently some people go out of their way to cause confusion to English speaking Muppets. I mean how the heck did I know that the man was trying to tell me I had pencils left in my trolley or did I have an Auchan loyalty card. This time I pulled the No Capisco stunt.

I didn’t need to collect Dave, he has a friend now. He waited till I pulled the car out of the garage to let me know. He also has a night out on Thursday, seems one of us has integrated well.

The guy came to install the internet. He left half an hour later. I’m not living in a top floor apartment so there are issues. He’ll be back… I’m hoping. Either that or I have to move to a top floor apartment.

It’s raining. Not a little bit either. This is the proper stuff. I like the rain although I’ve firmly barred all doors and windows to ensure no tiny flying vampires also known as Mosquitoes come in to suck more of my blood. One already gave it his best shot earlier and I have a lovely lump on my jaw.

The boys have found their tablets to play on. They have done some exercises and tried to learn some Italian. They’ve even done some drawing.

All in all I loved today and wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you Sicilia.

It’s bath time for the Raptors so I best go as the longer I delay the longer they have to visit the excuses bank and come up with why they shouldn’t have a bath.

Love to you all.



The Larges have arrived!

We are finally here, we’ve taken possession of our new apartment. Boy how busy have we been though.

After landing we spent 20 minutes trying to decide Taxi or hire car? You see my special Mr Large hadn’t managed to book one before we took off hence the quandary we found ourselves in.

It’s ok though because we found a nice taxi driver in the end to take us on the longest and most expensive 25 minute taxi ride ever.

I pointed out to him that this was going to make the blog!!!!

We got to the hotel about 9.30pm ready for a jolly good kip. Trouble is my little Raptors needing feeding. I’m sorry to say that I fed them coke (liquid form) and crisps.

This morning we woke fairly early, or I did meaning everyone else had to. We had a breakfast of cheese and empty Croissants then off we went to sweat like a camels arse and meet Roberto 2 finally and his Pappa to get our keys.

Dave is convinced that Pappa Roberto looked like Robert Di Nero so he’s clearly had sun stroke at this point and was hallucinating.

The apartment exceeds our expectations and I’m so happy with it. Dave has already started carving out his butt groove in the sofa and the boys have discovered that the place echoes.

We’ve had a trip back to the airport to collect our hybrid vehicle that twice now I’ve left running after I’ve got out because I can’t hear the damn thing.

The kids have done nothing but moan they’re hungry. Dave has just moaned that I’m tutting an awful lot and we’ve discovered that my driving style suits the Sicilian way. It took 10 minutes for Dave to get enough breath back into his body to function.

We’ve managed to last 12 hours without a TV although if it wasn’t for Dave pointing out we have no internet I would have had one here now.

We’ve found the local shopping centre along with everyone else on the Island. It is clearly the place to go at 4pm on a Sunday. The Polizia like hanging out there too.

Ikea Catania is something else and not somewhere I want to go back to in a hurry. People even take their dogs because let’s face it every dog loves to go to Ikea on a hot Sunday afternoon. Clearly as much as the men that have been took along to hold said rat on a lead or fancy handbag.

Our first meal had been cooked without the aid of a smoke detector. The boys loved their undercooked Pasta as much as Hubster loved his overcooked Ravioli.

6 Centipedes have been kicked out along with one very dead Cockroach.

We have to be up early tomorrow to take Pappa D to his first day at work. I don’t think he’s to nervous but that’s probably because he knows if he gets there it means he’s survived my driving.

Well I best get washing up. Turns out this retired lark isn’t the holiday I had originally envisaged and the expectations have been clearly outlined.

Ciao for now peeps.

See you tomorrow.

Arrivederci from Wayne’s World

I’m typing this on my way to the airport. This of course means that give it half an hour and I’ll be in a lay-by viewing my Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin again.

Last night was my leaving do with work, I managed to be home by 11pm and only managed to lose 5 litres of water that had leaked out of my eye sockets.

Today already feels like a very long day and trust me after tomorrow I will be having a jolly good sit down. Which reminds me, I forgot to pack the tea bags.

Although my limp has somewhat subsided, I am still plastered on my left arm. I can guarantee by the end of today someone will want to know what it is I’ve got strapped to my arm. As long as they only ask I’ll be fine but if someone feels the need to waive rubber gloves at me and take a scoop of KY, this move is off!

We still haven’t booked a car at the other end. Dave can’t decide and therefore I’ve been asked to embrace my impulsive side. Let’s just see what happens when we get there. I can tell you what will happen. We’ll end up spending more on something that looks like it was in the Beverly Hillbillies.

Harry is still excited that we’re going on holiday. Bless his little cotton socks, he’s going to be so disappointed soon. That said he’s asked if he’s going to school tomorrow. I’m not sure if he thinks we’ve packed 4 cases and run around shouting a lot just for a 24 hour break and he’ll be back at school Monday or whether he genuinely realises whats happening but because it’s meant to be sunny means we’re on holiday.

Oh crickey now we’re sat in traffic. I can’t do traffic. What I could do with is a little sleepy bo nap or even still a fry up and a pint of Coke.

Not long now, we’re currently on the M25. Both the Raptors are asleep. Dave has smiled. And the vehicle is deathly silent other than an annoying cough the driver has. What’s the betting we get that in 24 hours.

Oo it’s our turn off so I shall bid thee arrivederci for the time being. Catch you in Sicily.



Two little days left – No Panic……

Hello, me again. The Nutty one that rambles on and on about how she’s moving to a foreign country for 18 months and is likely to forget to pack her husbands pants.

2 days. That’s all we have left now. I’ve cleaned my drawers out. (Remember keep it clean) Given away anything that I don’t need including my floppy phallic wrist rest and recycled more paper than I thought possible. I swear my paperless desk is the sole reason for deforestation.

I was given a Pizza Party lunch at work however I don’t think my mutterings truly conveyed how grateful I am to them all for their gifts etc. For all they’ve done for me over the last however long. I have made some truly wonderful friends during my time there.

Normally, being stuck for words is not something that’s an issue for me as anyone I know can agree. Being put on the spot though I suddenly discover I have amnesia and can’t remember anything since January 2016 other than a few things that I will not go into on this post.

More gifts today. More alcohol. (Raspberry Vodka), an apron (See featured picture) socks. I was also give a lovely necklace. We had to go to the Pub of course because we need to celebrate my last Thursday.

Goodbyes have picked up speed today and tomorrow I have my final leaving do at work. The chances are that I may not post anything tomorrow. If I do it should be interesting and will mainly be me telling you all how much I love you. Clearly I only show people affection when I’m drunk as I recently told mates from work I loved them and instantly they questioned how sober I was.

Dave’s new employer hasn’t received all the documentation they should have meaning that for the next 18 months we could be on holiday. Well certainly a couple of weeks. As you may have now realised, this also means that Dave and I will have to communicate during the day as well as the evening.

We’re back to not taking the Xbox again. I never thought there would be a day when I actually say to my beloved that he needs to play Xbox. I don’t mind talking to Dave please don’t think that it’s something I’m allergic to and I’m pretty sure we’ll have plenty to discuss.

What do you talk to your significant others about when they have hearing issues. His hearing issue being that he can’t hear anything that comes out of my mouth. He generally get’s lucky when I ask him to recite what important piece of rubbish I’ve just told him.

Men, you may want to close your ears for the next bit….

Ladies, hands up who’s been given the Contraceptive implant? cause I got mine yesterday. What a palaver. Firstly, I was given the wrong advice by a previous Dr, who in the process failed to give me a prescription for my implant. I turn up on the day only to be told I have to go and get said implant and bring it back within 1/2 an hour. Lovely you say. Not so as on the way I bloody twisted my ankle. Limping all the way there and back, somehow within my allotted time.

I had to sign a minor surgical procedure waiver. Have two local anesthetic injections in my arm (Thanks to my fat arms) followed by Jaws ripping my arm to shreds to fit a 4cm piece of plastic into it. Following this procedure, I’m asked if I want to feel said implant. Errrr no thanks, however I would like to feel you stopping the blood pumping out of me as if some maniac has cut me up like a piece of meat.

Three stitches, one plaster, one wad of gauze and lots of medical tape later, I’m told we’re all done. No shit Sherlock I’m about to pass out. Anyway, to anyone that may have witnessed me rushing out of the surgery to get back to aforementioned pizza lunch with my gammy limp looking somewhat pale yet sweating like a Camels arse, I do apologise.

I’ve told Mr Large that in 7 days he better be putting out.

Men you can start listening now….

So, the Raptors are still looking forward to our holiday.

Mini Moo is due to be picked up sometime this year. She’s all ready to be packed out with toys and the Ironing that I’ve still not managed to do. The bags for life have been avoided as thanks to my special friend Mr Tumbly dryer, I’ve been washing things and drying them within the same day.

I’ve ordered Kieran’s first grocery shop so he most definitely has no excuse should he starve to death.

I can’t believe how close move day is. Is it me or has it come round so quick? I don’t think 4 months would have been enough time to do everything so we’ve done flipping well. The gas and electricity have been turned on at our new apartment. The internet should also be ready for Sunday and I’ve been reliably informed that the furniture is in and the deposit/first months rent have also been received.

The weather has become rubbish as predicted and BA have had a check in failure at Gatwick. Marvelous. Just Marvelous.

So to summarise:
Dave hasn’t got a job to go into at present
I’ve got a limpy walk and a gammy arm that I can guarantee will cause issues at Security
The flight will be delayed if it takes off at all
The Car is going on a tour of Europe with some stranger
The kids don’t know we’re moving
I’ve got clean drawers
Dave and I have communication issues
Dave is going to miss his Xbox
I’m going to be off my face on Raspberry vodka and wine

Anyway, on that note, I need to go pack a few suitcases. I think I’ve officially run out of time!

Ciao for now my peeps. Hopefully I’ll get chance to post when we camp in Gatwick for 3 days.




5 Days….

My last working Monday in a while. It’s gone in a flash thanks to 1 leaving lunch. (Thanks Martin). Lots to do, people to see, contracts to put in place. There’s never enough time.

It’s really here. There are no more weeks left, we’re into days left. No more weekends to remember the pants. It has to be done now. Dr’s appointments to cram in. Grocery shopping to do for my first born to ensure he doesn’t starve, and for those of you that know Kieran you’ll know that this is a real possibility should there be no crisps or cheese in the house.

Baby Raptor has posed a rather interesting question and it’s thrown us all into a quandary – How do you laugh in Italian? OMG, I knew I was missing something whilst practicing my Italian with Memrise and Duolingo.

Talking of which, seriously, should you want to learn a new language before your next holibob you should try these out. Both have proved themselves invaluable.



That’s enough plugging anyway. (Sorry)

I’ve still not caught up on Game of Thrones. How many episodes are there? I’m only on episode three of Series 5, It’s never going to happen. I have people at work biting their tongues daily in an attempt not to spoil anything for me that BBC radio one hasn’t already.

Dave’s forgotten about the tax issue for now – now it’s Car insurance and shipping our car out. I think I mentioned this previously and although we’ve confirmed Mini Moo is going on holiday, we haven’t been able to decide whether she’ll get a nice new Italian number plate. Something I don’t think we have to do for a little while if we can prove we won’t be there permanently.

I’m fully planning on driving her down a few steps in an attempt to re-create The Italian job. Lets face it with my driving this is highly likely so we’ll just go along with it being planned. I’ve heard that I need to be rather a forceful driver. They’ve got to be kidding. I can’t even be forceful with the lid of a Jam Jar let alone seasoned Italian drivers.

Talking about car insurance, it appears that most insurance companies are geared up for people moving to Spain. I’m pretty sure they move to Italy also. Us Brits seem to get everywhere these days.

The weather it seems is playing up in Catania, just as I said it would. Flights were diverted away from the airport yesterday due to the horrendous thunder storms. I feel I need to send an apology letter ahead of us.

Chaos is tiring me out. I’ve even just had to give Largey an elbow to the arm. I told him it was an accident. Whether it was or not is besides the point. Other than a quick profanity out of his normally clean Cockney mouth, he’s shut up. Job done!

He’s faffing with international payments now. Apparently my IBAN is not valid. Rude man!!!!

I have no idea what I’m doing. What with IBANs, swift Bics and SEPAs. I’m sending a pigeon with some silver coins. It’s going to be the quickest option. Then maybe my dickey IBAN will sort itself out.

Anyway Pumpkin hour is fast approaching and I need to re-fuel. Wine did not help other than anger my pounding head.

Ciao for now my peeps. I need to go an swear to Largey a bit more.


This time next week!

My new favorite saying, “This time next week…” I would imagine it’s getting really annoying now but hey ho. Being female I have excelled at this and fully intend to make my skill widely known.

In all fairness, every conversation I have revolves around our move. It’s rather exciting and as the number of days remaining in the UK grow less, the more eager we become.

This time next week we’ll be in the Sicilian sunshine. Well that’s the plan. Wherever Mr Large and go on our travels, you can guarantee that the rain will follow. We went to Florida last year at the start of the Hurricane season. There were even Tornado warnings.

I’m hoping that the weather gods will spare the Sicilians this time though, I mean we are moving there. This isn’t a two-week vacation. I’ve been doing some anti-rain dances that look like I’ve got all sorts running through my underwear. Whatever it takes.

We have boxes out of the loft now. I think 6 days is enough time to pack a few bits? I don’t like doing things too soon as you’ll only need to unpack again to make sure that you have everything. At some point I really need to do that pile of ironing and finish the laundry.

Operation bags for clothes has begun in earnest. The pants have been already placed in the suitcase to ensure they are loaded onto the plane with their owner. I had a gentle reminder after my last post not to “forget my bloody pants”. I think he’s serious and didn’t like the tone of his voice.

Baby Raptor has now decided that the move to Sicily, as it’s only 6 days away is “awesome, awesome, awesome”. Sounds like he’s coming round to the idea anyway. I’m sure when he realises that we have to go on a motorway to get the airport his cheery disposition will diminish and he’ll never leave the hotel apartment ever!

Benji Raptor is loving that we’ll be living in a place where his dietary requirements are not compromised in any way. Cheesy Pasta and Cheesy Pizza. That’s all we need and he’s a happy boy. He’s still intent on making me look for the largest mini beast that he can.

Dave has said that he wants us to get outdoors much more while we live in Sicily. To do things as a family and not fall into the old routine of siting watching TV. He soon changed his tune when I asked him whether he realised this meant we would have communicate with each other. Needless to say he’s rethought the whole plan and the TV and X-box are to follow.

Tomorrow marks the start of our last week at work and school. We can handle this though. So far I have one two-hour lunch booked in. Dave also has long lunches planned and much alcohol. Do you realise how hard it is to co-ordinate leaving do’s. Seriously it’s ridiculous. I’ve been told I’ve already had too many and am not leaving his nibs many options.

I’ve not text or messaged or seen nearly as many people as I would have liked. The list is endless, however just a few:

Ade, Daph and Don – I will miss you all terribly.
Terri and Steve – Love you, see you soon.
Claire and Lee – Hopefully we’ll get together soon – P.s Good luck rowing the Atlantic buddy. I can’t wait to watch your progress. (People, you have to read about Lee’s next adventure, It’s pretty incredible.) Lee Spencer – The rowing machine
Jane, Tony, Cathy A, Tim – Fancy a trip to Sicily to learn Poker? I’ll warm the Jagermeister
Kathy – Make your next cycling expedition across Sicily.
Sue J – One day we’ll meet up.
Tom Hardy – Don’t worry I’m only in Sicily. May be best if you come to me now. (Dave works between the hours of 7.45 and 16.45….)

If I’ve missed you off the list, please don’t think badly of me. If it wasn’t for the fact he’s sat in front of me playing Xbox I’d forget my own husband. Well his pants at least.

Well dinner is once again calling me, I say calling me, what I really mean is the Smoke alarm has gone off to warn me that my cooking is ready.

Ciao for now my peeps.


Don’t forget the pants!

Eight days, Eight little days. That’s how many days are left until we go to start our new life.

The anxiety levels are creeping up, the Louboutin fund has raced down to the point I think I need to evaluate what shoes I should move in. (I see another blog coming up)

We’re at a bit of a standstill for now. Dave has more forms to sign in the wrong place but due to technical issues, he can’t even scan them. I was pretty sure we are moving due to his skill and abilities with all things Technical. It appears that this is a selective skill.

I have a heap of laundry that I need to get to, trouble is everyone insists on wearing clothes every day. Come the weekend I’m going to have to start hiding their stuff. Thankfully I have so many Bags for life that I’m sure I can craft a few outfits out of them.

My first-born now has secured himself a pretty decent job. so he’s all sorted whilst I’m gone. You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s not re-modelling houses or Plumbing. He’s already planning how to spend his wages after “saving” for a few months. I can guarantee this picture is going to look very different in a couple of months. Del Boy Poolman will be wheeling and dealing with a string of Rulex up his arm and some Gucgi shoes on his feet.

The Raptors have settled to the idea that we’re going on a plane in a week or so which is proving somewhat exciting to them. I’ve decided that for a while we’ll go along with the idea that it is a holiday. Hopefully that way, by the time they’ve realised we can stay in our hotel for as long as we want it’ll all seem normal. And maybe I can string out my retirement that little bit longer.

Baby Raptor is refusing to go to school. According to him “you’ll take me to school and I’ll never see you again and I’ll have to sleep there” clearly somewhere along the line he’s been informed about Boarding Schools. It’s trouble enough as it is to get my shy little boy to go into new situations without random people filling his head with things. You’ll probably find that I’ve threatened this once in a fit of Mummy outrage.

Middle Raptor is keen to go exploring. He wants to go find living creatures and find out what they are. I’m happy to do this however am already somewhat aware of what small (and I use that word lightly) 8 legged creatures there are so I can’t say as I’m keen on this plan. For now, I shall not be the one to discourage him. And let’s face it I can take my pretty pink Spider catcher recently purchased from Amazon.

Leaving do’s continue however the alcohol content has lessened somewhat from the initial one with no Sambuca in sight. Soon comes the goodbyes to the family. The easy bit!!! 😉 Stop stressing family reading this, you know we love you.

I can’t believe how quick this is all going. I’m sure we’ll all be bouncing around like Tigger come the middle of next week. For now we continue to tick items off lists, ponder which Teabags to take and which electrical items we can live without. You can guarantee that we’ll be forgetting those plug adaptors or Dave’s pants. I can’t remember everything. Normally it’s the pants that lose out on a trip.

Well best dash, need to crack on.



To prank port or not to prank port

I feel I really should write down my thoughts ahead of writing these blogs. So much of our life is consumed by Sicily now that it’s all become a jumble. No wonder I can’t remember any of the Italian I’m learning.

We have a new focus now though. CARS. Should we take our car? do we rent one there while we decide or should we outright buy a nifty little island beater for the duration of our stay. Two of those options will cause my Louboutin fund to be seriously depleted while the third will simply eat into it a little bit.

Dave has finally moved away from his developing specialist subject of tax to cars and started contacting transport companies with a view to having my little Mini Moo delivered to us. We haven’t got enough time to drive her down so this is our only option.

We’ve had one offer to have her “Prank ported wit my truck”. I believe this could have been a failure with Google translate however I must remember to Google it in case I’m missing out on some new and ingenious transportation method.

Should we have her prank ported then we’re left with having to register her in Italy and the Insurance implications. Having looked at old cars for sale near us, we know that she’s going to take a complete and utter beating soon after moving to Sicily. Much more of a beating than I’ve given to her since passing my test.

At least having her down there would mean that more of our possessions could be stuffed inside her and save us some money in the mean time. Dave is currently mulling over his options whilst playing Fifa or Rocket league. It’s a tough decision he has to make so I don’t mind. Would you want to leave your significant other without suitable moving shoes?

In an attempt to mix with other British Expats in Sicily and share experiences, Dave and I have created our own special Facebook group, British Expats in Sicily.


So far, there appears to be 5 British people living in Sicily. Well three if you take into consideration that Dave and I aren’t actually there for another 13 days. There has to be more British in Sicily surely. I can’t believe they’re all tucked up in Benidorm.

In an attempt to keep the Raptors involved and excited, I’ve been telling them how many days are left before we move to Italy. They correct me and point out that we’re moving to Sicily and not Italy.

Harry is excited that we’re moving to a hotel. It’s quite cute but Apartments confuse him. Then again so does the word Cucumber.

Benji remains very level-headed and matter of fact about the whole thing. Showing him pictures of erupting Volcanoes is probably not the right way to go though.

Kieran hasn’t demolished any more fixtures in the house, so hopefully he’s happy with my design features and water running solely out of the tap and not the ceilings.

Well I shall bid you farewell now. I’m trying desperately to catch up with Game of thrones. I’m on Season 4 and having limited time left to catch up.

Ciao for now.