It’s all about the preparation.

Although we don’t know any more about when we go, we do know that we need to start preparing certain things. I need a few lists and at the moment we only have the one. It doesn’t look very big either.

For a start there are the dogs. Two of them, two dogs. Double the costs to get them travel ready. This is going to hurt!

Poor Dave reacted fairly well when I broke it to him that my little trip to the “cheap” vets just cost him ยฃ315. He only swore the once as I recall. I think he was expecting a much longer list of treatments too!

Baxy took the treatment like a boss. I found this most surprising considering how scared he gets just getting hiccups. He just let the vets feel him all over, stick him with many needles, put some gunk up his nose and check out his teeth oh and talk to him in Italian. (Turned out the vet was Italian)

Archie on the other hand decided that he hadn’t had enough biscuits to be violated to such an extent. Despite rolling over to have the vet listen to his heart, Arch created such a fuss that the vaccinations had to be done in his leg. It took two of us to lift his lips up to check his teeth and as to the Kennel cough nasal thing, that ended up being sneezed back out over both me and the poor vet. At least I know I’ll be free from Kennel cough for the next 12 months.

Archie also managed to not limp long enough to get a passport and Bax managed to be brave and get his updated.

Both managed to scare some woman with a creature on a lead that needed weighing. Apparently it was a dog! She had the cheek to ask if my pups were nervous. Of course said thing then had to be cradled to protect it from the ferocious hounds that stood there licking their lips like a pair of wild wolves with their tails wagging fast as they could.

After dropping Nanny off I returned home with my brave little soldiers. Upon opening the boot to release them I was greeted with two lovely piles of sick. One by each of the hounds. They looked somewhat depressed at this point. Lovely!

As for the rest of the day, they were well behaved and quiet. I may see about getting the Raptors a Rabies jab.

I haven’t had the heart to tell my beasts or their Papa that thanks to the pain in the arse that is Brexit, all this could be futile and have to be repeated. In a mere two months their little passports could be worthless but we have to do it.

I don’t know what I’ll say to Arch if he has to have a blood test. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

More paperwork!

Its all good though.

In other news, the excitement levels are still high. Benji was disappointed because we weren’t going this week.

Kieran is looking forward to getting a fair amount of kitchen space back and has kindly told me we can take whatever of ours that we need to take as long as he doesn’t need it. I Made sure to thank him for this generous gesture. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I’ve purchased a wet suit and managed to get myself into it. Luckily I didn’t quite look as bad as I thought I would and there’s enough pink in it to not make me bear a striking resemblence to Shamu. Dave looked at it and only slightly laughed. Result!

I am thinking of just walking round the house in it while the kids are at school. I literally sweat like a camels arse within a few minutes of wearing it. I could avoid thinking about going to the gym altogether if I just wore this outfit. The postman can’t look up from his shoes on a normal day so I should be safe.

The boys started to clear their bedroom for me. The bag for the tip seems to be empty as does the for sale pile. Their bedroom floor is now nowhere to be seen. I’ve been told that this is part of the long process and not to sweat it. I have to do parkour across their room when I need to open their curtain. Even Baxter has stopped going in to rob their teddies.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say for now. Thanks for reading this far.

Ciao for now peeps.


Decision – Done!!!

It’s been a while since I wrote because as I explained previously, us Larges don’t do decisions. One wise family member recently said that “This roller-coaster would be at home in Florida”

Even after we made our “official” decision we changed our mind. I can only apologise to those that we dragged along for the ride.

Reactions have been OK to our news. Our poor Brothers, one of whom made the roller coaster comment, who have been a part of every decision via WhatsApp. We’re such a close family!

So, let me give you a run down to our final decision.

Last Sunday we were going. All excited we messaged said brothers to inform them. One of whom simply received a gif of an aeroplane taking off by Dave. The man can’t help wind people up. My brother didn’t even see the message. Worked out well for us.

Monday evening: Our official decision day is nearing a close and we submitted the email declining the job. Instant sadness sweeps over the Larges. Hopefully we’ll be done now with this craziness. Should have known with us it wouldn’t be that simple.

Tuesday: I’ve got my grown child home for the day and the poor thing I don’t think could have ever envisaged the mix of emotions that would consume his day of rest.

I need to shop, it’s the only way I can get over this feeling of sadness that’s consuming me. Dave isn’t communicating (I know, I know he’s at work) I think I annoyed Kieran with the large Sighs I kept doing.

Little could he realise that his life would turn into all sorts of crazy in the Frozen aisle of Aldi. Dave has been emailed by his would be bosses and that’s it. We make our final final decision.

Don’t ever let us go on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. We need more than one final decision.

So, I’m assuming that as you’re still reading to this point, (what happens if you’re not and I’m talking to myself ? Oh well) you’re all interested in what was decided…..


The Larges are off! Again…

That’s right, we’ve decided to pack up again and move to Sicilia.

We’re so excited, although that sick feeling in the pit of stomachs keeps creeping in again. To be honest though it could be the full English I made Dave buy me earlier.

We hope you follow along as this time it really will be fun. The enormity of this decision is huge. And for much longer.

The work we need to do beforehand is too much to think of. I need a list.

Baxty is happy, especially as he had to go to the bathroom in snow. He found that he can poop on three legs. Quite talented really. Simon Cowell would be impressed.

Benji is pleased that he’ll be a VIP again because “I got treated like a VIP in school because I was British”. Last time he’ll be making that statement post Brexit!!!

Harry, he’s equally chuffed but sad he can’t take his wallpaper.

So, with that I will close.

More ramblings will follow now on a regular basis.

At present we don’t know when we’ll be off although I have found numerous houses I want and I’m worried they’ll go.

With that Ciao for now.


Why are we always counting down?

So the deadline grows ever closer. Its a flipping nightmare, let me tell you. We make the decision, tell the kids, and then over night the doubt creeps in and we second guess that decision.

I say the doubt creeps in, it’s more like a big grey monster with a wet fish called Doubt that he slaps right across the side of your face. Makes you second guess everything.

The little Larges have been convinced, I think it was the thought of a Private school that did it for them. As Benji said “that sounds Posh”. I don’t think he appreciated the skills he was taught as his old Italian school. Harry is just agreeing with everything right now. I have no idea why and I’m sure all will become apparent soon enough.

How easy it is to give advice. If a friend of mine said they had this opportunity I’d tell them to grab it and run. Don’t look back. Everything would work out fine. How many of us would actually listen to our own advice? Do we still live by what we would tell others? If we don’t appear supportive we worry and therefore give what is possibly bad advice? Hmm, this is too deep for a Sunday.

1 day, that’s what’s left to decide our future. The future of the Raptors. The future of the dogs. And the Cat, I’ve even worried what the cat will think.

Benji goes to secondary school in three years, how will he adjust if we come back then. You should hear how Dave moans about going half way round the world via all methods of transportation. Legs, car, bus, tram, train, motorbike and subsequently air. (He once got knocked over by a motorbike that sent him flying. Most of you will know the story as he’s bound to have told you. If not, just you wait, your time will come)

I love Sicily, I love the people there and the people we met. Anyone we had a problem with had a British accent and likely to boil a bunny at any given moment. We British appear to be very snobby when it comes to travelling across the world and yet I’m not sure why when you look at the amount of rubbish here that litters the rural lanes.

Warmth, the Husband is obsessed with the warmth. Apparently it’s got something to do with the fact he’s Mediterranean. He gets the right ‘ump if you point out that technically it should only be 1/4 of him that needs to be warm considering this is the amount of him that is Mediterranean. I’m distantly Irish but you don’t see me claiming to need Potatoes all day long.

Either way we choose we are aware of the disappointment we will be causing. It’s not an easy thing to live with. And yet, who are our biggest concerns? Shouldn’t it be how we feel? not worry about how others are disrupted by what we choose?

I think the thought of clearing out all the house is scaring me silly. It’s not till you move that you realise you’ve got a hoarding addiction much worse than any problem Steptoe had. I just have to look in my bedside cabinet at the cough sweets that expired in 2014 (a year after our last move). I know, I know I should really chuck them away. My Nan though was feeding my brother and I the same pack of sticky barley sugars and Tunes right through the 80’s and 90’s. We survived that although we now have very few teeth left.

Anyway, I could ramble on for hours and as Dave probably stopped reading 9 paragraphs ago, I’ve gone on too long.

Have a lovely Sunday people.

Ciao for now!


And so the story continues…


So I thought I’d try and catch you up with everything. You see despite us being back in good old Blighty there’s a chance we can go back and make the move to Sicilia on a more permanent basis.

Can we make the decision, can we heck!

Do you know how hard it is for us Larges to decide on what we want for dinner? No? We can’t do it. So imagine putting a live changing decision to us.

Fetch me the headache pills love, this is gonna hurt…


Annoyingly that all works out so that excuse has betrayed us. Don’t get me wrong we won’t be living like the Kardashians but it’s not bad.


Well that would be sorted out for us so that’s another excuse we don’t have. The houses we could afford are also spectacular and my furniture has been pictured in them too. Right down to my Christmas tree.

Sun, sand, sea, warmth all good things that would benefit my aging, weary carcas that since October has been coughing and leaving snot trails all over Berkshire.

Baxter the bouncy stray has expressed his opinion too, he has a distinct disliking for rain sodden grass and has resorted to trotting round the garden similar to a show horse. You know the ones, they do the fancy trotting dance. He hates it. The grass that is not the trotting dancy horses.

The negatives are thus:


Our big 22 year old sons. Leaving them behind is difficult, especially the one the would be homeless thanks to our move. Although, so I’m told, he has found a flat. I’m not sure what that means, I think he’s just discovered what they look like and where they are and what they do.

There’s also the babies due, I missed my gorgeous nephew being born whilst in Sicily last time and he was all grown up, well 9 months grown up, when we got back. That’s a big chunk of time and cuddles missed out on there. Yes I know there are flights back so I would have to get on one wouldn’t I. But you know what I’m saying.

Other family, I miss them and like being close. I quite like them all really.


See this one is tough too, although one friend told me last week to go. Reason being not for my family but for the fact she’s 60 next year and needs to tick it off her travel list. (love you Mandy)


The raptors are in a brilliant school, do I really want to risk that? According to Benji I don’t. He’s happy and got friends and I should think of that. Harry is Harry although surprisingly he’s not objecting.

Erupting volcanoes and earthquakes,

Did you see the news on boxing day? 10 months we lived in Sicily with a perfect view of Etna, nothing. We leave and she blows her stack. The earth shakes and all hell breaks loose. I’m not sure this is something we’ll ever get in Berkshire. I’m not particularly fond of my roof falling in.

See the dilemma? I can’t remember a time that this didn’t occupy our thoughts.

I do miss the people terribly and we did make some fabulous friends. From Water fights and pool parties (nothing dodgy I promise), to windsurfing lessons watching the Large one stand up for 10 seconds. All happy memories. We’ll forget about the bushfire on our back doorstep!

We’ve got to make a decision, it’s hurting my brain. I know, pizza for dinner. Oh, you thought I meant the move? give me a minute…

Well I best sign off, too much pressure and I need to put the dogs to bed and stuff my face on sweets as I pass through the kitchen.

I shall therefore bid you ciao for now.

Bye Peeps, till next time!

Addio Sicilia, arrivederci!

I’m writing this at 10am on the day we leave Sicily. It’s early I know to be writing but I felt I needed to.

You see for the last hour I have been attempting to pack the car. It dawned on me early that since my “rehearsal” Dave the Husband has inadvertantly shrunk the car when he last washed it. I have emailed him regarding this and await his apology.

If the car hasnt shrunk as I believe, then we are are officially the Clampits. Bar the chair on the roof for Grandma. It’s a kennel on the roof for the kids.

I haven’t even packed the football’s. And help me when the kids find out their Nerf guns may not make it. (I say may due to the fact that as I write this I may have thought of a gap they can go in.

Our car is full. So why on earth does our apartment still seem so also?

Anyway, moving on and to keep you informed. My big girl pants have, as feared, been separated from the other luggage. 3 cases arrived safely in Spencer’s Wood on Wednesday. Knickers decided from Milan they wanted to go back to Bergamo.

After speaking to the company currently responsible for my under garments and tweeting numerous sarcastic messages, my pants have made it to UK soil. They are sitting in Gatwick. Nanny seems lost of all hope and believes they will be returned. Dave is hopeful I will one day be reunited with my Apple gatherers.

Perhaps I should do a separate blog. Travels with undercrackers.

Baxty has now officially been issued his passport. He was also given tablets the size of Horses to swallow whole and a clean bill of health as well as various people feeling up his nether regions to check all is well. Dave feels that this should be a requisite of all passport applications. Anyway, I’m not sure Baxter will be grateful when he discovers how little room he now has to travel in. Oops.

We have no food in the house. This was a bit of a mistake on my part. We have two meals I need to cater for. As it stands, each will consist of literally bread and Jam with Pickled onions. We can also have Polish Grass Vodka, English tea and rice crispies. I don’t know why I worried. Or is that the Grass Vodka talking.

I have a feeling one meal will be McDonalds or at least some artery clogging tastyness. We’ve been told the cleaners are coming in to clean our apartment at 7.15. No room for us to be late!!!

Crap, football’s. They’re haunting me. And why has another laptop appeared?

The Husband has called. Mainly to remind me of my rehearsal and tell me what I already know. I think he’s trying to mock my inadequate measuring skills. If you ask me though perhaps he should be grateful. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜˜

Is 11.04 too early for Vodka and Mountain Dew?

And did I mention my fear of boats, ships and all things that carry you across water?

The Mosquito dot to dot has faded some what. My arm is left feeling slightly numb. That could also be the vodka.

The Raptors are whining. Something to do with not having anything to play on. Maybe I should send them out to play with the puzzle that is squeezing two Nerf guns in a space the size of Tinkerbells butt crack.

Anyway, I need a nap. (Vodka related). The dog has vanished, the kids have disappeared down the crack of the bed since I last lifted it. I know they have air as I can hear Benji screech “This is all your fault”

What’s worse is on investigating said children to ensure their fighting is only minimal, they’re in their pyjamas. I’ve only gone and packed all their ruddy clothes. Give me strength.

I best go now so Ciao for now my peeps. You can guarantee that I will check in tomorrow and let you know which child I forgot. On the plus side they have 1 outfit to keep them going and pickled onions.


The joys of packing!

Before I go too far into our recent goings on, I would like to address the elephant in the room. Anyone that follows me on Facebook may know the elephant I’m referring to.

On Wednesday evening, around 8pm, I was hit by a car. When I say hit I mean more bumped into and when I refer to “a car” I mean my car. My car being reversed my him. Yes that’s right, him. My husband.

You can imagine my reaction as I tried to peel my skin off the exhaust pipe and move out the way as fast as my now dodgy hip would let me. He briefly kept going too. My screech wasn’t enough.

You’ll remember in my last blog that my constant leaking had failed to remove the Hippo that attaches itself to my butt, so I’m unsure how I could not be seen in any mirror. Surely something this big must have been spotted. And if not, then we have a huge blind spot issue with my Mini.

To top it all off, he laughed. Yes that’s right he laughed. He saw the circle starting to appear on my calf and could see my obvious disgruntled state so his first thought was to laugh. Arse! What’s even worse is it made me laugh too. I can’t tell you how much that annoyed me.

Any way, I would like to say I’m ok. No lasting damage other than the rear view mirror that has been embedded into “his” forehead. Now he’ll bloody see me!

So moving on, We’re 8 days away from our departure. As it looms close the anxiety levels are creeping higher. Sleepless nights are becoming a bit more of an issue again and I am more amazed than ever before in life, how and why I collect so much rubbish.

I refuse to send my numerous socks with holes in back to the UK to add the collection of odd socks there. Dave has even thrown wires away. I think he can remember the two boxes we have in the loft at home.

The suitcases are still due to be picked up tomorrow. Still between 9 and 6. I’ve been warned not to pack most items with only tissues and big knickers being suitable.

I’ve had a test run of packing the car. I can’t remember if I told you this last time. Either way it should be fine. (I say that a lot don’t I?)ย  We’ve even got room for the fluffballs bed. Baxter not Dave.

The Raptors are a year older than when we arrived and their skills at whining and arguing have increased to suit their ages. I can’t wait to sit in a small car with a sick dog and arguing children for 5 days. At least I can’t get reversed onto. Happy days!!!

It’s quite surreal to think that we’ve only got one more weekend left. Dave is intent exhausting us to the point of collapse with “fun” things to do. Walking an hour down into a canyon being the priority. I, on the other hand, have a list of things I need to get done while I have the car and a small amount of his attention.

It looks like things are coming together nicely if I do that whole stepping back and reflecting thing. I’ve even cleaned windows in the apartment. Not all of them because the 4 I did nearly killed me. I hate cleaning windows. Beds have been moved to clean under. Cupboards emptied etc. All last minute bits left.

Baxter gets his passport two days before we leave. Once I have this I think the rest will be a doddle.

I can then focus on the ship ahead. Where the life boats are etc. You see I hate boats, or going on water. Swimming in it is ok but that’s about it. I can’t even go over the Poole Harbour bridge without freezing, stopping breathing and getting all sweaty. Especially when my brother stops his car in front of us while we follow making sure that the crossing takes as long as is humanly possible. Another Arse! (I can see why he and Dave get on so well)

The smallest of the family is creating enough noise to attract my attention. It needs feeding I believe. He’s very Hangry it would seem. Mummy just isn’t moving quick enough.

Anyway, Ciao for now peeps.








11 days and counting

It’s always hard to try to remember what we’ve done since I last wrote, how to try and make it entertaining and remember what it is I wanted to write again. If I’m perfectly honest I can’t remember when I even did a post. I’m lucky I remembered what I was doing as I walked from room to room.

I’m just going to have to pause here. The man of the room has just walked in, announced he’s so itchy and is expecting attention. When asked what he needs I got a simple reply – “I don’t know what I want”. I tell you, Derren Brown is onto a winner when it comes to relationships. I wish the feck I could mind read. Anyway, my beloved is now smelling something akin to a bottle of vodka after dosing himself up with Bug spray.

I should say it was a Mosquito invasion that had befallen him and not any other questionable reason.

He’s off to get Petrol now and put the trash out. It’s going to be a rough night in the Large household. Poor fellow. Oh it’s ‘ot’ as well. translated into English. “It’s hot”

Anyway, lets just say, right now, apparently it isn’t coming home. Poor England failed to ward of Croatia. Still, couldn’t have Tottenham saying 2018 they were the last winners of the world cup. WHUFC fans, you’ll know why this wouldn’t’ be a good thing.

Oh yeah, Sicily. To give an update, we’re 11 days away from leaving this beautiful Island.

Our suitcases are being collected Friday I am told and heading back to the UK. The company have informed me that we’re in a remote location and not only will it cost 28Eur extra but it could cause a delay in picking them up. I’m fully expecting to never see the vast majority of my big knicker collection ever again.

We still haven’t sold the wet suits that were bought for ornamental purposes either. We did have one offer but I’m not sure we should be paying someone to take them. I was only mildly insulted. What’s worse is I think the blighters have multiplied while in storage. I can’t remember him buying this many but I keep finding them.

This weekend was spent catching up with wonderful friends.

Firstly swimming on Saturday afternoon to say goodbye to wonderful person number 1 and his daughter. Saturday evening at a BBQ with Wonderful person number 2, a lovely lady, (my calming friend), her family and friends. Relaxed isn’t the word. It was so welcoming and warm.

Then Sunday, after a purely coincidental meeting, we got to spend Sunday with an awesome couple who we’d even said goodbye to the previous week, I can’t keep saying goodbye people. My hormones are never in a very strong place as it is. Anyway, we spent the afternoon at the beach chatting away swimming in beautiful clear water that was 1 degree warmer than ice and the evening in a fabulous restaurant that met Benji’s Strict Cheesy pasta criteria to perfection. (Thanks Isabella for arranging)

Needless to say, today this pair of 40+ year olds could have done with a nap. If only work, moving and children didn’t have to take priority. I’ve had a nice cup of tea now to keep me going another couple of hours.ย  Although I appear to be melting.

I like warm, I can deal with warm. But as my Mum can tell you, as a teenager I needed my coat with me at all times. I like to be prepared for all eventualities. This though is crazy. I weighed myself today though and seems I’m carrying a hippo somewhere in my big girl pants. I was convinced I must have melted some of it away but nope!!

At night though we have a different issue and thanks to Dave “I’m facking ‘ot love” Large its blooming freezing. He must have the A.C set to Arctic conditions with snow even falling in places. He’s not to happy when I turn the blasted thing off during the night to warm my nether regions back up slightly. Gees!!!

Anyway, it’s time to take my little raptors to bed. I mentioned it about 10 mins ago, had one tell me they were hungry. The other told me I’m mean and they’re still sat in the same place.

Ciao for now my peeps. Stay safe in the tropical conditions.







By Jove, I think we’ve got it

Well almost, when you step back, look at a picture from afar, it’s amazing isn’t it how much clearer it becomes. Unless of course you’re as blind as a bat and in complete denial. I can’t cater to those people in this sentence though so don’t moan at me. You’ll just have to follow along.

I’m not going to lie, the situation with the UK schools has sent me a little crazy. I was even spouting sentences that involved the words “freedom of Information request” “appeal” and “idiot”. Then I had a moment of clarity, posted on Facebook and pulled the one child I thought was in the school that was best, out, and put him in a school that looked bad but seems to be far better.

See lunacy.

I’ve got at least 6 people who I need to meet up with prior to them starting in September. All appear to be lovely ladies with children in the same year group as my boys. I’m also hoping that Harry’s best friends Mum will meet me so we can get in that Prosecco quota. I can’t do this alone… (I was going to say without Prosecco and realised that just made me sound like a raging alcoholic)

The Vet has been booked in France. All done very smoothly via Facebook too. This book of Face is turning out to be most useful.

Eurotunnel booked. I’m still anxious about the dog crossing onto UK soil but by that point I will have seen three vets, 2 Italian and 1 French, so unless the dog lets me down and starts frothing at the mouth and barking into thin air at the last-minute, there should be no reason for this to be an issue. And to be honest this is me on a normal day and they keep letting me through.

All hotels have been booked. I should state that they’ve been booked by us and I don’t just mean that I left it so long they’ve all been booked by normal people who have no issues booking hotels. All establishments have street viewed, trip advised, viewed again and Googlified. I think I’ve even tried to stalk them on Faceybook too. Admit it that’s where all good stalking begins.

I would like to say though for those of you now worrying at my sense of privacy, I would of course not check anyones profile out secretly. I hope you all understand. Although I will point out that there was one time a few years ago that I needed to stalk an ex girlfriend of my brother only to accidentally friend request her. Silly cow bag accepted straight away so it got pretty embarrassing when I immediately had to un-friend her. Eeeek! I’m surprised she did though if I’m honest. I think it really annoyed her years previously when I told her the dog had vomited after she’d kissed it. In my defense, how the feck did I know she was going to full on lip kiss the dog in front of everyone. We all know that a dog licks their own arse which should be reason enough not to kiss it. But no, this one had to get annoyed because it was sick prior to her advances.

Moving swiftly on and back to the subject in hand, all that’s left are the last-minute things. Get suitcases delivered. Dog passports and last minute treatments. I’m quite relaxed about it now. I could of course just be fibbing and pooping my pants at the mere thought of it all. Or completely delusional and missing half my list.

It’s our Benji’s birthday today and of course that means I should have baked a cake, instead I’ve got said birthday child to help me. I sold it as a birthday treat. In reality I figure that any lumps can then be blamed on the innocent 8-year-old. More pressing is that the oven hates me at the moment. Not only does it burn the food I put in it,ย  (Again not my fault at all) but it seems to blow all fuses in the apartment during important football games thus killing the internet. I was not popular. If I can therefore bake during the day all will be good and allow plenty of time for me to leave the country.

To keep some normality to life, we’ve been trying to search out all the nice beaches. Sunday we went to one that although the sea was lovely, everyone else thought so too and not being a beach lover, imagine my reaction to walking onto Sicily’s smallest beach and sitting like canned sardines. Harry covered in Ant bites. All kinds of balls being thrust in your direction. Seriously people Speedo’s should be banned. I do not need to see what you’ve got stored in your pack lunch.

We found another beach Monday. Well Monday night in the dark. Dave gets these ideas but sometimes doubts himself so what should have been said earlier escapes from his mouth 2 hours after the ideal time. It was fun though to hear him driving in the dark saying, “I didn’t realise how low the sun was”. Apparently at 8.30pm you should expect it to be as bright as at 12.30? We now need to go back to see if it’s as nice as we thought.

I shall leave it here for now. I have a 6-year-old that, so I’m told, is close to death and he needs the A.C on. So that you can picture his dying moments, he’s dressed in his tracksuit bottoms, rolling around on the floor similar to Neymar, wrapped in a blanket. I’m not sure he’s suited to wake up times prior to 8.30 or brothers shouting “It’s my birthday” as the alarm call. I’m also not sure he’s impressed that he didn’t get anything for his brother’s birthday.

Anyhoo, Ciao for now peeps.


North, South, up or down???

To say anxiety levels are increasing is an understatement. Did we have this coming out here? I seriously need to read my blogs from then.

There just seems so much that has to fall into place and my sanity levels are never the most stable of things. It’s too hot to drink too.

We can’t even decide on the route. The route I say. The ferry from Palermo to Genoa that’s been dismissed thanks to a large tariff of 600ย EUR. I’m not sure they understood that I didn’t want to buy the blessed thing, I just wanted it to take me across the water a little way. And I think they would have shoved us in cargo with the chickens for that price. So now we’re taking a ferry (It’s all booked so we have to) from Catania to Salerno.

This ferry only costs 200ย EUR and we get a “Superior outside cabin” basically we’re going on deck in a cardboard box, the superior just means they’ll give us a cushion to share.

I have no idea where Baxy goes. Apparently he gets his own accommodation. He’ll probably be in some swanky suite with his selection of doggy beverages and a doggy strippers bought to him when he demands.

Even the 2nd day is decided, what we can’t decide on is where we go from Northern Italy. Dave wants to see some gorge while the boys want to go to view Mont Blanc. I just want a bar!!

I’ve got wonderful ladies from the Save a Sigonella Stray group (Check them out, they are literally the most amazing animal rescue group I’ve come across)ย  all helping to try to keep me calm with regards to getting Baxy’s passport sorted. Dealing with Sicilian Businesses is never going to be easy but I’ve got friends from the group all willing to come and help.

What else is there, oh yeah, I’ve got to sell wet suits if anyone local wants one, watch this space. I have an adults one used only twice thanks to an unnatural ability to fall into the water, an aging body that doesn’t take kindly to extra muscles being used and makes you look like a cartoon seal when on. If you’re tempted, I think that’s just because Dave struggled getting it on the first time)

I’ve chucked away my cake mixer which I realised too late I needed to mix two children’s birthday cakes in 6 days and 13 days. No biggie. I’ve not told them and shall continue to listen to what designs they want all the while knowing that they shall be getting what they get and enjoy the lumps that Mummy left in. (Yes Mother, I do remember the lemon Meringue)

The black bag suppliers will be laughing come the end of July. I’m not sure where I stored all this crap. I really must learn to throw stuff away. Starting with this jumper I’ve kept a hold of because it’s got a little heart thing on. I could never wear it because I didn’t want people to question the ventilation holes under each armpit. (They were just holes). There’s a pyjama top too that I could never wear because my shoulders didn’t like the straps and kept dismissing them. McDonald’s toys –ย  what the hell? they’re useless, why have we still got them?

Stones – Harry collects stones. I’ve got a garden centres worth of them. Various shapes, sizes. Ones collected on Etna. Ones he saw in a car park and they looked pretty. He even collected ancient china. It was an old wall tile someone had thrown out down the rubbish lane behind the apartment. Because he collected it though I can’t throw it away. I’ve probably got a stash of dead flower heads somewhere.

I’ve been told we’re having a test run of what we can fit in the car soon. I think I might be crying by the end of the experience. In my head the car is massive. In reality it’s a 4 door mini Cooper.

The dog is going to be lying on 3 ft worth of blankets and towels, I can see it. Towels are always useful. I can’t throw them.

I think I’m going to have to throw my lifetime carrier bags out that I’m collecting. Seriously why do I not take them shopping each week instead of buying new ones. I think it’s good value for money until you work out I could have bought a Nissan GtR if only I’d stuck to my first 4 Lifetime carrier bags.

I guess I best leave it there for a couple of days. I’m sure that you’re all rocking now after reading this.

Any questions, feel free to ask me.

Ciao for now peeps.


Save a Sigonella Stray



Best get packing then.

It’s finally happening. I mean I know I’ve said this before and to be perfectly honest I’ve been saying it every three months since we got here. Such is the craziness of the last few months.

We arrived on September 29th 2017, you’ll remember it as it’s the day I got to do an audible sigh and eye roll at the fact someone, (I don’t need to say who), didn’t book a hire car from the airport as requested resulting in using thousands of pounds (not literally) on a cab ride around the island of Sicily and back again just to get 20 mins from the airport. If you also remember we had to do it back the very next day just to actually pick up the hire car.

Ladies I know you’re with me and share my frustrations. Men, this is equal to having to walk round the mall dozens of time to buy the first pair of shoes seen. Yes that bad!!!

Any way moving on to the reason for this blog, we are going back to the UK and while the weather is good too I might add.

The tasks ahead of us are many, booked ferry travel, ship the suitcases back ahead of time (because they wont fit now I’ve got a new dog) not to mention the passport I need to get for my furry baby.

Not much really! (I feel sick)

I thought I would start writing a blog to document our return experience, my thoughts on Sicily. Likes & dislikes etc. and anything else that crops up. I shall also use this as a good reminder of all the things I need to do and undoubtedly remind Dave of all that I have done. Oh my goodness, that’s reminded me I need to get the kids in school again. See how useful this is proving.

The trip back will be worth reading about if I’m honest. Two clearly tired, sweaty and cranky adults, a 7 year old that gets bored after 2 minutesย plus an 8-year-old that knows best oh and a dog that gets travel sick. All travelling non stop for a number of days, (we might be allowed to sleep occasionally so I’m told), in my trusty little mini. We should have a little amount of stuff from here too. I have no idea where it will go but go it will.

In theory it sounds fun and a brilliant experience. We’re travelling to the other side of Sicily to a place called Palermo where we’ll board a ferry (I hate ships) to Genoa. There we’ll travel up all through Northern Italy and France all the way to Calais. As required by my great husband, I have weighed up all options to ensure we are taking the cheapest route. I’ll be honest I’m bored now and have decided that the above option is much cheaper. Regardless. Don’t tell him will you. It’ll only lead to me reminding him of the Taxi.


Thanks to the UK Border and all that, part of the requirement to take Baxy into the UK, I need to give him a tablet, he has to cross the border within 5 days of him having it. Apparently it’s the norm and most people travelling back to the UK get a French vet near to Calais to do it. Apparently the Vets are used to it. Anyone reading this know what I’m talking about and recommend a vet? At the moment I’m leaning towards someone called Dr. Dandrifosse. Sounds like Candy floss so he must be OK.

I’m trying not to panic. Does it show. I don’t feel my normal funny cell has been engaged for this one. Just picture us travelling, that should make you laugh.

I waffling on now. It’s taken me a few hours to string this amount of craziness along. Many interruptions from Harry moaning that I’m not taking cars seriously. The dog has needed a pee only to run away from the door because it sounds funny. Benji has just hidden himself away preferring some alone time. He know’s what lies ahead.

Buggeration, the battery is giving up now. Blasted thing.

Best go.

Ciao my gorgeous peeps.